wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“The ideas of lack and abandonment and eviction are mere echo’s

of an insane idea that never was.

I am at Home in the Holy Spirit and God Who is come to reunite perception

by leading it into correction where it comes so close to knowledge it is but a breath away.”






Copyright January 1996

David Joy



     Teacher, this day I come to make my request to proceed as I come to prepare my mind to receive the Thoughts of God and respond accordingly. Let me not set up in me goals I decide. Let me not lead myself into a situation that is not intended for me. But let me recognize the direction we walk together as You work with my mind, moving it into the awareness of the goal that is achieved in me now.

     Be it so.


     “It is done.”


     “I am the Christ, and this day I come to end the ideas of being a body and the trouble my mind could offer me. The Christ is come - the ego’s rule is ended - the effects experienced in the body affirm what is ended. I abide in the Mind Which is my Source. I have not left my holy Home, nor have I lost the innocence in which I was created. I abide unchanged in the Mind of God my Father forever.


     “I am the Self Who comes, extending mercy, grace, joy, hope to the despairing mind of all who perceive themselves as separate from Me. And to this part that has thought itself to be separate, David, do I extend to him, as he is part of Me, the joy he comes to share in time with all those who dwell here.


     “Relinquishing the world as his motivation for life, do I come as he has sought for Me, to bring to him the Kingdom within which he forever dwells. And extended in time, will his life reflect the freedom from all the world sought to dictate to him. I am born in him and lead him in all he now thinks, says, does. And he cannot be mistaken. His wonder is Mine given to him. His anticipation is Mine, extended to his mind. His longing for freedom comes as My gift to him where his struggle is ended.


     “I will not he struggle, but will guide him in all he desires to reflect as true freedom, peace, glory, abundance. I am the link that keeps him one with God and My mind. United with his in time is the guarantee that all he perceives is the call of hope, for I am hope forever abiding in him. And to all perception do I extend the reflection of mercy that he is in no need of learning. For he has discovered I live and move in him.


     “He comes from Me to speak the words I give to him to give to others. In his will, there is no time to rule him. In his birth, does he come to give meaning to Me only. And does he know I am all that is needful for his highest good. His persistence has not waned and has been extended to all who asked. And his reward is great in Heaven’s will to reveal it. For he has lit another mind without concern for his own gain.


     “Yet must there be gain for him. For how can one give the Kingdom and lose It? Yet how can one deny the world and keep it? Now Heaven comes to reflect from him My world. And what he has relinquished will be given back one hundred fold. For he saw the Kingdom more valuable than his own existence. My mind is part of yours, dear one. I am the part in which God’s Answer lies, where all decisions are already made and all dreams are over.


     “Now what comes must come from reality. And what remains with you is eternal. In time will the means be given. For you seem to dwell in time and require form to demonstrate My power through you. I remain untouched my anything your body’s eyes assume or conclude they perceive. What is untouched is pure in spirit and must lift your spirit in your discovery of it. Thus, the wisdom sent to you in each discovery is true, and is utilized to manifest your world, the world you manufacture to demonstrate eternal laws.


     “In Me has God the Father placed the means for your safety, salvation. Listen now, for it is not His will you be cast onto the cold pavement. You are protected. You will not be moved because I am not moved by fear and doubt. Love maintains you in Its care. As you see, I give to you all that you need in each moment of your existence. It has been the tragedy of fear, poverty that has tested your sanity. And terror is no more part of your holy mind.


     “Thus the ideas of lack and abandonment and eviction are mere echo’s of an insane idea that never was. I am at Home in the Holy Spirit and God Who is come to reunite perception by leading it into correction where it comes so close to knowledge it is but a breath away. And in you who I am do I remain in peace. It is I Who reduces the frantic pursuits to needless activity of an idea with no power. You are not lazy.


     “You have seen the wisdom in valuelessness. I am the only thing that is real. Ideas that come and go are but dreams. I am that through which dreams pass. I select within each only what is true by eliminating what is not as it is seen and expressed to be desired no more. And each image becomes a faithful reminder of what once seemed to be - yet with no power to distract or deviate. Merely are they empty ideas to utilize for others to see that the experiences are truly meaningless as they are confronted and undone.


     “I remain to honor you by your allowance of honoring Me to demonstrate our unity. I reach from within you, from within Heaven’s peace, calling forth all that has served to contaminate your mind. At times, have you experienced this release as physical pain. Yet it is better to experience a few days of discomfort than it is to carry the poison of ten thousand lifetimes to your grave again, suffering assisting in snuffing our you meaningless existence here in time.


     “I am the Translator and you have seen My face, My presence. For it is reflected in every idea you have witnessed as not your own. I am come to reveal the truth and offer you the Grace of your glory in place of all the littleness you sought to hold dear to your heart. And My eyes only do you look through - for what is seen is of forgiveness - the corrected perception of every idea that you express.


     “There is no other world to view. For the bridge has been crossed. Now you only express a world unbeknown to many, yet all seek it. Here is your peace, for it sees only what is true that dissolves each false idea. And where My face is seen is the ending of the world of despair. Now you cannot but see My face in all things, for the awareness of My presence and your persistence of it has allowed Me to remain. Now I cannot be hidden, but only seek to reveal your highest good - where the giving of gifts never ends - where it is Christmas every day of your existence.


     “And greater does each one come as they unite to reclaim their rightful place within you where they desire to embrace you. Learning is ended - time is ended. The undoing remains as the water of life that dissolves the sugar cube the world sought to be in its sweet temptation.


     “Behold My glory in your words upon paper. Look now and see the knowledge that flows through you - it is not scandalous - nor malicious - nor arrogant. It is true, direct, with no opposites, that silences all living things. For what needs to respond to pure love? And who would bother wasting time in needless thinking? For My presence is the presence of gratitude that needs no words. Bless you this day.”