wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"How easy it will be to ignore all this.

 How difficult it will be to apply any of it."

Desert Spirit






Desert Spirit



     In my own experience, when I went in to AA, it was an opportunity to end the addiction. However, in order to STAY sober, so to speak, it is essential to EXTEND the experience of drinking, and then coming to sobriety. This is done as a self-less act, since it is the only way one can stay sober.


     THIS IS A PRINCIPLE - it suggests one must come to self-lessness in order to be of service to others.


     Therefore a self-less act DOES NOT ASK ANOTHER FOR ANYTHING.


     The self-less therefore are those who are assigned the role of 'teacher'. However, this does not mean he is a teacher as the world asserts teachers.


     The role is reversed - the self-less one is not a teacher, but a pupil. He then DEMONSTRATES FOR ANOTHER what he has discovered about being self-less, and about what it means to serve. He wants for nothing from his brother.


     When HE, the self-less one, the teacher, has discovered this IS his role, then a pupil is Sent.


     However, the pupil is NOT what the world asserts a pupil to be. In fact, the pupil IS the true teacher, providing an opportunity TO the teacher, or the self-less one, to demonstrate his self-lessness.


     FROM this demonstration the teacher is able to be the pupil. The pupil then, who is actually the teacher, can then do what the teacher is, which is extend selflessness.


     So healers and so forth are not if their actions are not self-less and are used only for service. Healing is not a service that would take money. I am speaking of the healing of the mind, body and soul.


     The duties one is Assigned in a physical world will therefore reflect what is occurring at a spiritual level. The physical becomes a metaphor for the spiritual. And one will be provided with his or her daily bread.


     But to say, "I am going to be a healer" and charge money for it is very warped thinking. In my own experiences it would be akin to me saying, "I have been given sobriety and  now I am going to heal you of your addiction to alcohol, and charge you 35.00 an hour because Spirit wants me to do so." This is absurd.






Friday, September 28, 2007



     Thank You, Father Creator for this day, for this study, for this communication with You, for this place, for this time, for this paper and for this pen. Thank You for each lesson You Give and for each being in each lesson You Give.


     Thank You for the publication through which I may demonstrate my relationship with You, and thank You for the inner work and for each discovery You Give me within them. Thank You for my daily bread, for the income You provide, for the worldly duties You have Assigned to me, and for the good works You do through me.


     Thank You for the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear that which is not in my best interest or my brother’s best interest.


     Thank You for allowing me to step forward without fear of retaliation or guilt, and for the Opportunity to escape the false.


     Thank You for this hot coffee on my tongue and warm heater on my feet. And I pray Your Will be done through me as I ask Your Decisions already made in my journey be made manifest in the tying up of all loose ends, and that the completion of each lesson is done swiftly.


     And so I this day ask, where will You have me go, what will You have me do, what will You have me say and to whom? Thy Will not mind be done.


     And thank You for the divine leisure and spaciousness we have been Given by You to enjoy, and for the Safety and Protection with which we are surrounded in our earthly journeys.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”




     Now my study continues in the Manual for Teachers with Your Words, “WHO ARE HIS PUPILS?” And the HIS relates to the teachers of God You Choose to carry Your Message of Inner Correction.


     Now You have previously Revealed that certain pupils are Chosen, thereby correcting my idea that anyone can assign the roles of pupil or teacher to himself.


     You have also Revealed that teachers are Selected by You, and trained by You, thereby alleviating me of the idea that I can assign the role of teacher to myself.


     And You have also Revealed that these certain pupils are Chosen for him the teacher, thereby alleviating me of the idea I need to seek FOR the teacher.


     If this is Your Curriculum, it would be foolish for me to think I can self-assign the role of pupil to myself, assign the role of teacher to myself, assign the role of pupil to another, assign the role of teacher to another.


     For I am not in charge of the process of Atonement.



     And so today my lesson reads, His pupils have been waiting for him, for his coming is certain.”


     The teacher’s coming is certain and he would BRING certainty TO the ones who are Assigned TO him?


     Now my experiences have been how in my latter days of AA, back in the 90’s, I burned to discover anything authentic related to the life of Jesus, not knowing that was just his name as a man he carried in a physical world.


     Later You Revealed to me his Given name is Yeshua, and He was to be my Teacher. And then on that night I met Him, and He said to me in words, “I came for you”. And I was speechless, but I fully understood my part.


     And when I began the journey of A Course in Miracles, a sacred scripture You also Gave me, all else opened up for me; my world of spiritual discovery and my training expanded one hundred fold, being brought into contact with many Wise Beings and great teachers.


     And THIS THE Teacher Provided.


     Now if the teacher is one who is certain, then he who will receive his certainty will be Assigned TO him?


     So he the certain teacher will not be assigned doubters, or speculators, or conclusion-drawers, or assumers, or the ‘all knowing’ ones?


     Therefore the doubter, believers and the ‘all knowing’ will not be made available to he who is the certain one, nor will he be made available to them. For his certainty would not be heard.


     The doubter, believers and the ‘all knowing’ ones will wish to keep he the certain one in a role THEIR MIND assigns TO him.


     And so this too shall be the principle that will be Revealed in the many who have ASSIGNED TO  THEMSELVES the roles of teacher and or pupil.


     Now if the pupil is Assigned to certain teachers, or to a teacher of certainty, then the pupil will be ready TO be guided BY certainty that will suggest what may be of assistance to him the pupil. For the pupil’s undiscovered certainty will manifest accordingly the certain teacher.


     And this the certain teacher will provide, thereby freeing the teacher and the pupil of a sick dependency that helps no one.


     The certainty will be transmitted TO the pupil who is was ready to receive it, because it was only possible FOR the certain pupil to be brought into contact WITH a teacher of certainty.


     The pupil will attain the certainty of his or her role.


     And so it must be many WILL come to doubt the certainty that is revealed, but it is those who doubt who are NOT ASSIGNED TO the teacher of certainty, because of the lack of certainty within themselves.


     And so who will offer the doubters their ‘proof’ of an authentic teacher?


     How can a doubter realize the teacher of certainty? For then he or she would only receive the doubting teacher who must see his ideas as a way of drawing doubters to himself.


     And so there are many followers who are doubters who are now coming to futility, who have discovered, WITH CERTAINTY, the falseness OF the self-assigned teachers.


    And now the once uncertain ones ARE CERTAIN of what is NOT an authentic teacher, of what IS a false teacher, but could not have discovered this unless they came into contact WITH the false.


     And so the doubting teachers and their falseness comes to be a blessing FOR them. For spirit is in a state of grace forever.


     Now each one who has been freed FROM the false teacher can SEND A LETTER TO the doubting, false teacher of their thanks for being Given an Opportunity to experience first hand what IS a a false teacher.


     In extending their certainty of this is it strengthened in them, thereby manifesting accordingly a life OF certainty.


     This will BE the light of correction they offer TO the teacher who is false.


     The false teachers will only be able to come to certainty that their role IS false BY this demonstration of the certain pupil. For the certain pupil will leave the doubting teacher to his ‘certainty’ that will eventually burn away and free him from his own desire to be false.


     Now the so-called ‘teacher’ becomes the pupil, as the pupil, exercising the lesson OF certainty, comes to be the teacher.


     Thank You, Teacher for this Lesson. And I will extend this message to each of them today, demonstrating the certainty in me that is strengthened in  me by doing so.


     Thank You, Teacher of Certainty, for this message You Give me to Reveal to the others.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”