wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“There is a vast amount of difference between what you THINK ABOUT something,

and your DIRECT EXPERIENCE WITH something.”


Desert Spirit





Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Desert Spirit



     Today I begin a new theme in my study of the Manual for Teachers. The title of this new theme is WHO ARE THEIR PUPILS? The ‘THEIR’ refers to the previous section, WHO ARE GOD’S TEACHERS?





pupil – (L< pupillus, a ward) -  a person taught under the supervision of a teacher or tutor



pupil – (L, pupilla, figure reflected in the eye) – the contractile circular opening, apparently black, in the center of the iris of the eye



iris – (Gr, rainbow) – the round, pigmented membrane surrounding the pupil of the eye; a plant with sword shaped leaves and a showy flower



rainbow -  an arc containing the colors of the spectrum formed in the sky by the refraction, reflection and disbursion of light in rain or fog



supervise – (L, super, over + videre, see) – to see over; to oversee;  to look over;  to overlook; to oversee or direct; superintendent



superintendent – a person in charge of the maintenance of a building




     Thank You, Father – Creator for this day in time and space that You Give and all things that make for my experiences in the level of time and space. Now I come to Receive the Thoughts of God and respond according to my part in Your Plan for my awakening of my spirit.


In respect for Your Intelligence and Wisdom I come to ask, what will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Will be done through me. And I respectfully ask You Who are in charge of the process of inner correction decide for God for me for my life.


    I thank You, my Elders, for Your Guidance and Protection.


     I thank You for the ones You Send to me that I may remember what I am. And in this I give to myself the remembrance of my spirit and my relationships with each one. And so I come to Receive the Message of the pupil to the Teachers of God.


     Now my study reveals a pupil is a ward.


ward – (OE, weardian, to guard) – to turn aside, to fend off; a being under guard; one under the care of a guardian or court




     And it says a pupil is also a rainbow, and a figure reflected in the eye, as well as one who is supervised, and thus one who is supervised is one who comes to be a supervisor, one who is in charge of the care of a building. And how could I care for anything unless I come to care for my own sacred mind?


     So God’s Teacher’s pupils are God’s Teacher’s eyes? And to be the eyes of God’s Teachers must also be to be the Eyes of God Himself?


     And what am I asked to see? I am asked to see the barriers to Love’s presence in me and I will require the Eyes of God to do so. For how will I fearlessly look ON the blocks I have imposed within myself unless I HAVE the Eyes of God TO guide me?


     And so if a pupil is part of the eye, and the eye sees, then You, Father, must be the Eyes and I within It. And so there must be within that the potential to see all things as You see?


     Now my study reads, Certain pupils have been assigned to each of God’s teachers, and they will begin to look for him as soon as he has answered the Call.”


     As soon as a teacher of God has answered Your Call then a pupil Assigned BY You TO the teacher will be made possible?


     It says the eyes of the certain mind will look for the Teacher as soon as he, the teacher, has answered the Call. So the pupil is sent TO the teacher, but the teacher must first answer the Call. And the Call is one that asks him to not see his interests as not apart from his brother.


     So one whose interest is of his own is not one who has seen his interests as part of his brothers. So if a being says, “I have an interest in my brother and so I ask him to donate to my cause so I can run free and not work and have someone else pay all the time,” then how can that be seeing his interest as part of his brothers? For he is only interested in using his brother for self gain, and gives nothing in return.


     But what of me?


     What I offer HAS FIRST been beneficial to me. And so it serves to be of interest to him my brother because it so greatly has been beneficial to me, and costs him nothing. Nor do I need to take FROM him anything to give it to him.



assign – (L, tad, to + signare – to sign) – to set apart or mark for a specific purpose; designate; to appoint as to a duty; to give out as a task; allot; attribute; ascribe; to transfer


     The Eyes of Certainty have been Assigned, set apart for a specific purpose, and so is not this lesson or principle also apparent in the assignments that the uncertain practice?


     The uncertain pupils have been assigned, thereby making uncertain their guide and to which an uncertain guide will be given. And what gives to an uncertain pupil and teacher of Certainty? Nothing. Yet an uncertain pupil must be guided BY his uncertainty thereby manifesting what he or she THINKS is a certain guide. And in this scenario the uncertain pupil becomes MORE uncertain, even dependent ON those who claim to be certain.


     Yet would a teacher of certainty give a being uncertainty WHILE HE STEALS FROM HIM OR HER?


     Perhaps these beings are offensive to me because I did this to others and in this lifetime have come to undo or have this undone? And so I will to extend your Certainty, that they may remember their own.


     Be it so.

     “It is done.”




September 2007

Desert Spirit


     Now I come to communicate with the Unseen, to receive the Thoughts of God and respond according to my part in Your Plan for my awakening to the error in me, that it may be corrected and healed in me.

     What will You have me do this day, Creator? Where will You have me go, Director? What will You have me say and to whom, Teacher? I am willing to allow Your Will be done through me. And I ask, Decide for me for my earthly journey always in all ways.

     Be it so now.

     "It is done."


     Thank You, Spirit, for this day and this time and place of study.  Now I begin my day with contact with the Wise Elders Who live and work and think with me.

     My thoughts begin with the idea that beings think they live by the Laws of the Spirit World but confuse it with doing what they want in a physical world, and this they call "my path" or "free will" or "my choice" or "the Holy Spirit told me" or "my will".

     And so they decide what THEY like or dislike and act accordingly, but without discipline to examine their thoughts that are attracted to fluctuating emotions. And so I offer the exercise of correction of error in my own life, and there is TALK of living by the Spirit World but very little action.

     Now the suggestion has been made is to offer a correction exercise in the form of a letter of gratitude extended to the perceived false teacher.

     Would not this be a demonstration of a being who accepts the responsibility for the atonement, or correction process, for herself, or himself?

     Would this not be an action that demonstrates accepting wholly the responsibility for his/her thoughts and actions by sharing that discovery with the perceived source of one’s discomfort?

     If a teacher is found to be misled and misleading, would not these-called ‘pupil’ give meaning to his/her recognition OF the false in offering her/his corrected version? Is this not what a false teacher would wish to have revealed? And is to not do so to practice what the false teacher practices?

     If a teacher is misleading, would it not be the responsibility of the pupil to stand up and say, "You are mislead and I thought you were authentic because I misled myself," thereby coming to the acceptance of her/his part in the roles of teacher and pupil who were both misled? So the first course of action must be to realize and fully accept the fact that I am misled. I have misled myself. I am misled. And I have allowed myself to BE misled by a false teacher. Yet I call the false one a false teacher but do not call myself a false pupil who MANIFESTED a false teacher.

     I call the false teacher names and warn others of the false teacher but I AM UNWILLING TO ACCEPT THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR allowing myself to BE misled. And so I never come to humility that would reveal to me I was the one who misled myself in MY ideas of what I assumed a true teacher was or is.

     If I could accept the responsibility of being a false pupil, and demonstrated that TO the false teacher, perhaps the false teacher could come to fully accept the responsibility of being a false teacher. But if I cannot do so, then I BECOME A false teacher ALSO. And who then can I blame for being a false teacher, or false pupil?

     And so in discovering I was with a false teacher, it is my RESPONSIBILITY TO FULLY ACCEPT THE FACT IT WAS I AND NOT ANOTHER WHO MISLED ME. Therefore I WAS the false teacher also, teaching a false teacher what he taught me to be.

     The misled teacher simply fulfilled his obligation by giving ME what I WANTED.

     Now that I have recognized I followed, WILLINGLY, a false prophet, it is my responsibility to fully accept this, and withdraw my issues of blaming others and blaming the false teacher for being false, coming to humility that I was misleading myself that resulted in manifesting a false teacher, and demonstrating this by offering my lessons of gratitude TO the false teacher. For this would be a lesson of humility and accepting responsibility I demonstrate FOR MYSELF.

     If I cannot fully accept the responsibility of misleading myself that led me TO a false teacher, then I cannot come to correction OF my mind’s motives. And he the false will continue in his role. For it has not been my wish to demonstrate for him the fact he taught me the false that I wanted him to teach me. Therefore, I cannot be healed of my OWN desires to BE misled.

     And if I remain unhealed regarding my desire to be misled, then I will remain at the blame level, blaming HIM for being a false teacher, but never accepting the responsibility for WANTING a false teacher and wanting to be misled BY a false teacher. And I can DENY this is so, but I CANNOT deny the fact this HAS been my experience in this earthly journey.

     And so to BLAME OTHERS for being false is to not accept responsibility for the atonement for myself. To blame others for being false is to not come to humility to see I supported, in my part of being a false pupil, the false teacher. To blame others for being a false teacher is not to fully and wholly accept responsibility for my role in the teaching and learning OF the false.

     Now it would be so much easier to blame the false teacher for being false and for misleading, while I sit by and pretend and convince myself I am free of the falseness WITHIN ME by thinking I am free of the false teacher. And my punishment for not coming to correction is to be myself in this pretense.

     In thinking I am ‘going within’ I never am Corrected of the WHY behind my wish to follow the false and BE false. If I think I am going within’ then while I am ‘in’ there I should make contact with You and ask You how I can, in humility, fully accept the responsibility of being a false pupil who blames the false teacher for his role, but not accept the false role I upheld in being his false pupil.

     Now it will take Great Humility for me, IN ME, to come to have this reversal of desire to blame the false teacher and accept the responsibility that I participated in perpetuating the false teacher’s role by being a pupil of the false.

     This is not to BLAME MYSELF for this mistake. For that is what my guilt would encourage. But to ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR my role is to come to correction and healing OF my role of being the false pupil. Guilt may attempt to erect a wall to keep me from this acceptance. But accepting responsibility for my role ENDS the blame AND the guilt in me

     In my humble acceptance of responsibility of my part in upholding the false, I can at last be free OF it. And I will to offer my message of gratitude and message of release from blame and guilt and my message of thanks to him who was willing to demonstrate what is a false teacher, so that I may be free OF the false within me.

     Guide me now to extend this Message today, Teacher, to those who wish to be free OF their falseness by accepting responsibility for it.

     Be it so now, Teacher of Correction.

    "It is done."



One Step Beyond

July 2007



     When I went to the store yesterday, I had the idea, "We need eggs". And so I purchased eggs. When I checked my phone this morning, there was a message on the phone from Anne Marie. It said, "We need eggs". So minds are joined and Spirit Guides us. Our Teacher is the Source, and there are Elders Who are Sent by the Source to Instruct us. So we must be attentive to the inner healing and the ridding of our guilt, fears and so on.

     The world is changing. It is undergoing geographical changes, but it is also undergoing a psychical change as man is awakening to his own divine potential. However, there are other forces here that do not want man to awaken.

     In these changing times, the world is becoming more filled with the fearful, and these other forces that are meddling with man’s mind and corrupting his thinking. It is not new. But it is intensifying. There are forces that are not in our best interest. This is not theoretical. We know this. We have experienced this.

     So as we come to extend the Truth of the Inner Divine Light we are, through our direct experiences with this, there will be energies that will attempt to undermine our efforts. When we were moved to New Mexico, we had two floods. And I was Told, "There are forces that do not want you here". TO this I said, "Get OVER it. I am NOT leaving." And it has been quiet since. So when those things occur in our minds - AND OUR PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES that attempt to tempt us to cave in to fear, guilt and insecurity - it is essential we rightly use our power and be done with them, and not give in or give power to them. I am not saying ignore them. I am saying CONFRONT them, and find out what business they have IN your mind. If you were approached on the street by someone who was attempting to infiltrate your space and time, what would you do or say? Will you just allow them to walk all over you? Or say, "Get out of here"?

     The day I went out and thought about these street beings coming up to ask me for money, I was told, "Ask them to help YOU!" As soon as I exited the store, one asked me, "Hey man, can you help me out?" I said, in his face real close, "HEY MAN, can you help ME OUT?!!" It has not happened since. If you feel you do not want to be a ‘coward,’ then that does not mean you must prove you are brave. The voice that says, "Prove you are not a coward" is not God. It is a foul energy that is attempting to make you more afraid. To these thoughts and voices we say, "BE GONE. I have no USE FOR you. YOU do not TEST ME. I NEED TO PROVE NOTHING to you. I AM safe."

     So remember that fears and voices that teach guilt are PLAYING WITH YOU and attempting to undermine your energy. They will slowly erode any degree of stability your mind has attempted to establish. And it is up to you to use your God-Given Power to RISE ABOVE THAT thinking and give not in to lies and sorrow and all that makes you sad and heavy and afraid. Use the prayer of surrounding yourself with the Light of God, and encapsulate yourself in Grace and Protection. This is right use of mind power. This is our responsibility, and do NOT submit to thoughts that are self-defeating.

     Now if we are introduced to beings who wish to make others dependent, who ask for money for ‘spiritual work,’ then this is false, and it is our responsibility to extend our experiences with regard to this. It is a foul entity who would use spirituality as a weapon to fund his or her lifestyle. NO BEING WHO IS ETHICAL WILL CHARGE MONEY FOR TRUTH. This is not to say if we put time and effort in to making books that we give them away as we have done. No. Making books is a duty for which we are entitled to be paid. We are not collecting money for the truth IN the books. We are collecting money for the time and material it takes to produce the books. For we WILL be producing other books. And it is important the publication, even if few receive it, continues, for it is an expression of our own inner journey. And that is our part to extend.

     So these are the thoughts I have to share with you this morning. Spirit Guides us, and our task is to extend as we are Asked, for the world and the confused mind sorely needs it. And it will be a much needed talent that will be called upon in the days that will come to change the face of this plane.            Desert Spirit