wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“Borders and boundaries do not protect you.


They are restrictions that limit you from being Protected.


The do not make you safe, but isolate you from Safety.


Fear, then, and not Love, is your protection and safety.”


Desert Spirit







Desert Spirit



     I woke up one morning with the idea of ‘borders’ and ‘boundaries’. As I lay there in bed, waking up to a new day, I listened to what my thoughts were revealing.


     We are taught from infancy by others. This is a fact. Yet we also carry within us ancient memories of past lives, too far back to even remember or recall. And yet these ancient memories are accessible for anyone who would probe this possibility. And although we seem to not have a conscious remembrance OF those times of long ago, our present life is built ON the remnants of those long ago times that have been collected by the soul over lifetimes.


     But perhaps that is not as important as those we carry from within our present lifetime, which will determine how we live. When a child is born that child is given that with which the parent or parents will imbue the child. And although the child may grow up to think he or she is an ‘independent’ entity expressing what he or she thinks is of his or her interest, it is all shaped by the influences of others. And so those influences become the borders and boundaries in which a person operates.


     If then the individual never discovers these borders and boundaries in which the individual operates, and never seeks to question them, or rise above them, or penetrate them, the individual’s life experiences will be limited to and by those borders and boundaries. The individual then becomes dependent ON and BY those boundaries and borders. Any suggestion to the contrary will be seen as highly threatening. For borders and boundaries are designed to imprison as well as protect.


     As an individual operates within these borders and boundaries, all of his or her expressions become shaped and molded BY them. And so within these borders and boundaries the individual offers his or her own ideas FROM within them. It may then appear that each person has his or her own individual borders and boundaries from which they express, and it may appear to be an authentic expression OF the individual. But for the most part what is expressed is an opinion of what that person feels about his or her placement in the world, based on the borders and boundaries that define the parameters by which a person exits.


     The borders and boundaries act as a dependency for the individual. The individual relies ON the borders and boundaries taught to the individual by others who were taught how to exist and express within THEIR borders and boundaries. Within them, then, there is very little that an individual would express, being that all protection is contingent on these borders and boundaries remaining in place.


     From these limitations stem behaviors that operate in the individual, and often are automatic and not seen. Even the mention OF borders and boundaries, which in truth are limitations imposed by influence, are rarely understood, much less investigated.


     So the question would be, “By what am I imprisoned?” Or “What do I think protects me?” Or, “Upon what am I dependent?” Or, “By what ideals am I motivated to behavior?“ The suggested questioning, alteration, expanding or removal of the defined borders and boundaries make for a very insecure life. Inherently, then we are confined TO the borders and boundaries that have been taught to us. In this understanding there is no individuality and therefore no independence. An ‘individual expression’ of one’s borders or boundaries may appear to be individual and independent, but are not without the influences OF those borders and boundaries in which we are taught to operate.


     In the psyche, border and boundaries that are established by others for us do not allow us to comprehend our own natural instincts, thereby making the borders and boundaries artificial. But there are also NATURAL borders and boundaries that are maintained BY the natural world, and these are not psychological. They therefore do not promote behavior as to what the psyche feels is relative to its position within the borders and boundaries that are established within itself. An example of natural boundaries can be seen in nature.


     If we investigate the natural world we would discover endless examples of the world of natural borders and boundaries that are not psychically influenced. Then, it must be true that we somehow must also be part of the natural world of borders and boundaries that would be influential in freeing us from those that have been artificially imposed upon us.        Desert Spirit