wilderness path

a significant inner journey


What is IN need, IN you, is What needs YOU.

Desert Spirit





November 9, 2015


Desert Spirit




·         There is nothing more idiotic than man's scientific explanations of Divine Laws.


·         An education cannot and will not teach you how to help another, nor yourself.


·         Contentment is not a compromise. If life be anti-climatic, one shall never be disappointed. 


·         A glove does not deny the presence of a hand but only hides it.


·         Alcoholics are necessary. Without alcoholics there would be no AA and without AA there would be no inner questioning and discovery. Murderers are necessary also because someone has to do the killing. Thieves are necessary because they challenge our pride.


·         The patronizing of the greatness of others is not a measure of one's own. I do not deny the divinity of a great being. Neither do I deny my own.


·         Rules are man-made, meant to be broken. Laws are God-created, meant to be lived.


·         If you walk in the forest you may get poison ivy. Poison ivy does not care if you get poisoned by contact with it.  If you do not like it, then either stay out of the forest or protect yourself when you go there.


·         What is IN need, IN you, is What needs YOU.


·         When you see yourself through other people’s eyes, you will always be depressed.


·         Once you realize you are free to speak your mind, you will no longer feel like you need to do so.


·         Be comfortable with change, and transformation will never be uncomfortable.


·         Doubt is a double-edged sword. Use it wisely and you will never cut off your own arm.