wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Victimization is self-imposed hate for which others are blamed.

Desert Spirit




Thoughts to Ponder II


November 10, 2015


Desert Spirit




·         Chaos is spacious because it gives you room to not confine yourself to boundaries.


·         If chaos is spacious then you do not have to live in a box of conditioned thinking.


·         If you wear dark glasses, the world will look dark to you even when the sun shines.


·         Fear is calculating. Life is unconventional.


·         Victimization is self-imposed hate for which others are blamed.


·         Love will never weep. It has no time to regret.


·         “Rebel souls, deserters we are called.” (BAD COMPANY)


·         Environments are levels of consciousness in nature. They do not compare. The deserts welcome you, and the oceans welcome you equally.


·         Fear is the arrogant ruler of those who defend its 'certainty'.


·         Controversy is only necessary to closed-minded people whose opinions are more important than fact.


·         It is the purpose of my time in space and time to end them within me.


·         The arrogant who quote scripture have none of their own wisdom to impart.


·         Doubt your certainty – you are entitled to change your mind.


·         You want to be ‘born-again’ because you have made a mess of this life.


·         The unconventional is controversial, but always impersonal.


·         It is important TO look back. It is futile to look ahead.


·         The sun’s rise on the planet is its entry and birth, and the sun’s setting is its departure and death, a freedom for which I yearn while I remain a prisoner to the world.